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Learning is not restricted to classrooms. In KG we take this very literally and most of our learning happens while we are on our feet and most often than not while we are running around playing games adapting them to suit our requirements. We modified a simple game of treasure hunt to reiterate spelling and writing, images were numbered 1- 10 and hidden along the corridors while the children were given a sheet of paper with lines numbered 1 to 10. Children were asked to find the images, see the number on the image and spell out the word and write it in the corresponding line.

The children took full advantage of this opportunity and ran around the corridor hunting for the words. The entire corridor resonated with the excited voices of the busy children calling out to each when they found a word, some walking around in secrecy while some of them were seen sharing their responses. All of them spelling the words phonetically some in groups while some preferred working on their own

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