Pathways School Gurgaon - Parents’ Speak


Gratitude Note

Dear Captain Bajaj,

I hope this email finds you well.

Today, our son Veer Modi graduates from PYP, we wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for the exceptional education and guidance he has received at Pathways under your leadership.

Over the years, we have watched Veer grow not only academically but also personally. The school's commitment to embodying the learner profile attributes has had a profound impact on him. He has developed into a caring individual who is always willing to help others, demonstrating empathy and kindness in every situation.

His knowledge has expanded tremendously, and his curiosity has been nurtured, making him an enthusiastic and lifelong learner. Moreover, the school's encouragement for him to take risks has instilled confidence in him, allowing him to approach new challenges with a positive and resilient mindset.

During our conversation with Veer yesterday, we asked him who he looked up to in school as a mentor, and he mentioned Captain Bajaj. He said it’s amazing how Captain Bajaj remembers every student's name and is such a great speaker. This personal connection that you have with every student and how you have inspired him significantly impacted his development and his love for learning. These qualities are a testament to the dedication and passion of the entire teaching staff and the school's leadership.

We are incredibly grateful for the nurturing environment you have provided, which has allowed Veer to thrive and develop these essential attributes.

Thank you once again, for your unwavering commitment to fostering a holistic and supportive educational experience. We are confident that the strong foundation laid by you and the team of teachers will continue to guide Veer as he embarks on the next phase of his MYP journey.

Capt. Bajaj, you are an equal inspiration to us as well.

Lastly, enjoy your much-deserved summer break and we will see you soon on the other side.

With sincere appreciation,


Gratitude Note

Dear Ms. Preet, 

Good morning, 

Trust this mail finds you well. 

As PYP 5 draws to a close, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your warm and compassionate mentorship of Mehar. Your firm guidance and high expectations have been invaluable, helping her grow into a principled and responsible individual. Throughout the year, she has consistently submitted her Math homework on time and completed it independently.

As a parent, I have always felt at ease knowing that my child is well cared for and encouraged to reach her highest potential at school. Your receptiveness to feedback and understanding of Mehar's needs have allowed you to tailor your teaching, ensuring she learns optimally. Thank you for the effort. I deeply value it.

Letter of Appreciation

Dear Ma'am,

I wanted to personally thank you and the school for the growth and development I have seen in my ward, Arjun Chaudhary, student of PYP 4T in the past few months. 

In the recently completed Unit on Sustainability & Architectural understanding, I was amazed with the depth of discussions, assignments, tools and perspectives used to familiarize the students. I could see that the topic as well as the way it was dealt in the class deeply resonated with Arjun. He did deep research on Sustainable Architecture, developed perspectives, wrote blogs, used 3D/ 4D/ 5D Tools and so much more. 

What I really appreciate is that while the topic was intense, it was dealt in a fun yet responsible manner in the class. 

I truly believe that at this young age, impressions made on children have a high impact. And this generation can shape the future. For Arjun to have developed such a deep interest in Sustainability as well as Sustainable Architecture - Kudo to you for having brought in this sense of understanding!

Best Regards,

Letter of Appreciation

Dear Ms. Neelima Sarna, 

I hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible impact you've had on my ward, Taarush Kinha, during his journey in grade 5. Your dedication and passion for teaching have truly made a difference in Taarush's life.

Your motivational approach has not only helped him enhance his skills but has also instilled in him a newfound confidence. It's remarkable to see how he has started taking ownership and responsibility for his learning, and I credit a significant part of this transformation to your guidance and support. 

Taarush has thoroughly enjoyed his time in your class, and it's evident that your teaching style resonates deeply with him. Your ability to create an engaging and supportive learning environment has played a pivotal role in his academic and personal growth. 

As a parent, witnessing Taarush's progress and seeing him flourish under your mentorship fills my heart with immense joy and gratitude. Your dedication to nurturing young minds like his is truly commendable, and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for your unwavering commitment to excellence in education. 

Thank you, Ms. Neelima, for being such a motivational educator and for making a positive difference in Taarush's life. Your influence will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on his academic journey and beyond.  

With sincere appreciation,


Gratitude for an Inspiring PYPX

Dear Ms. Sawhney,

I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible effort and vision the PYP Team has put into organizing the recent PYPX event. Witnessing the students pick up world problems, conduct thorough research, and take action to address them was truly inspiring.

The meticulous planning and countless conversations behind the scenes were evident in the students' confidence and preparedness during the event. The choir's performance was not only beautiful but also deeply moving, as the children sang with genuine passion, urging us all to make better lifestyle choices.

It's remarkable to see how this project has transformed the students into lifelong conscious learners who actively make sustainable choices. Having heard about the PYPX since joining the PSG family, it was a genuine pleasure to finally be a part of this transformative journey.

Special appreciation goes to Ms. Preet and Ms. Prerna for pouring their hearts and souls into the PYPX project, ensuring its resounding success. Their unwavering dedication and passion have truly made a lasting impact on the students and the entire school community.

Thank you once again for your dedication and commitment to nurturing the next generation of responsible global citizens.

Letter of Appreciation  

Dear Ms. Sawhney,

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for leading such a scintillating show on Founders’ Day!

Every year both students and school (teachers, support staff, admin and everyone involved) surpass their own benchmark of performance for the production.

It was so overwhelming to see them perform with so much zeal inspite of some of them being sick (my son being one of them), yet they made it to their Founders’ Day. They truly reflected the spirit of resilience. And I appreciate PSG for making efforts to instil such values among students which make them strong and ready for future.

Please convey a big Thankyou to everyone who has been part of Founders’Day preparation.



Letter Of Appreciation

Dear Ms. Anuradha,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay in writing this mail as I must admit that the Founders Day play left me awestruck and short of words. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the spectacular play, "The Jungle Book," performed by the talented students of our school.

The level of dedication and effort put in by the entire school team, including the students, teachers, and staff, was truly commendable. The drama, dance, and music elements seamlessly came together to create a captivating and memorable performance. It was evident that a tremendous amount of hard work, creativity, and passion went into bringing this production to life.

The student’s performances showcased not only their artistic talents but also their commitment to excellence. The coordination between the various aspects of the play was flawless, making it a delightful and entertaining experience for the audience.

I believe such events play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and positive school community. The dedication of the school team is truly praiseworthy, and I am grateful for the opportunity to witness the remarkable talent within our school.

I must also add, that there were some hurdles in the final week of the event and would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your prompt and effective resolution of the recent food-related matters in the school. Your swift action has not only addressed concerns but has also reassured the school community about the commitment to the well-being of the students.

Ensuring a positive and nourishing environment for our children is of utmost importance, and your leadership in handling these matters is truly commendable. Thank you for prioritizing the needs and concerns of the students, parents, and the entire school community.

Please convey my sincere appreciation to Ms. Preet and Ms. Prerna for their invaluable contributions. Their commitment to excellence has undoubtedly enriched the school community and left a lasting impact on all who had the privilege of witnessing the performance.

Once again, thank you for organizing such an outstanding Founders' Day celebration. I look forward to more enriching and inspiring events in the future.

Best Regards,

Khushboo Mawandia

Letter to Mrs Dimpu Sharma, Principal Middle School  

"On this special occasion teacher’s day, I would like to express my gratitude to you,  
You are benchmark for me. The moment you are on my screen, it is a very delightful moment. Yesterday, it was my class assembly and the moment I heard Dimpu Ma’am have joined us I couldn’t stop smiling. In the MUN award ceremony when you announced special mention Taneesha Arora, I felt I have received the gift of my hard work. Your leadership skills and the way you manage MYP, is just so commendable. I feel very lucky that I am your student, you are mending my ways and I since I am in your hands, I feel secure about my future.  
My journey in Pathways began in Jan 2020, I never knew that I would start loving my schoolmates and teachers so much that they will become my second family within 6 months. Today, I thank God for sending me to this school and blessing me with so amazing teachers who made me so comfortable in this school. I feel like I was a Pathwaysian since the day I came into this world. Hearty Thanks to you for assigning me into Rajyalaxmi ma’am’s form class in MYP-2 as she held my hand from the very first day and supported me throughout. Now, I have been promoted to MYP-3 but till today the way she relates science to practical life is just exemplary. In MYP-3 my I&S teacher is Mr. Randolph, he is a real mentor, he teaches with so much enthusiasm.  I can’t stop thanking you for choosing teachers who are so dedicated that they can make the boring topics so interesting that I can’t stop listening to them. Pathways has given me a lot of things in these 6 months, may it be the skill of MUN or the thirst for learning. Overall, I have become a better version of myself. The atmosphere of this school is admirable, and this has all happened because of you. Everything here is so healthy and friendly. My peers are so helpful, whenever I need any support, or I don’t know any detail about the school since I am new. I just have to message them, and they reply instantly and lend a helping hand, infact the competition here is so healthy. When I joined this school, I had great expectations, but this school has lived way beyond them. Today, I am very proud to be a Pathwaysian and this is my wholehearted thanks to you that you have made all this possible. Thanks for choosing so good teachers and creating a healthy atmosphere. This school today is my life and I can proudly say it was best decision of life to come to Pathways. I am really looking forward to coming to school physically after this corona menace. A very Happy Teacher’s Day Ma’am! "


Gratitude Note

Dear Ms. Bajpai,

I hope this email finds you well. 

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the amazing work you have done with my ward Naira this year.

As a parent,it is always a joy to see my child growing and flourishing, and I am so grateful to you for being such a great mentor to her. Your patience, kindness and dedication have a profound impact on my child’s academic and personal growth.

We as parents are especially impressed by your ability to connect with Naira on a personal level and provide the individual attention and support she needed to succeed. You have created safe and nurturing environment that allowed my child to feel valued and confident in her abilities.

Your passion for teaching and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring, and I feel fortunate that my child had an opportunity to learn from you.

You are not just a great teacher, but a wonderful role model. The advisory lessons had great impact on her as she started taking ownership and practising self-regulation to deal with her emotions at this age.

Thank you for being YOU, and please know that your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed.


Gratitude Note

Dear.  Anuradha ma'am and  school officials,

Greetings of the day!

It's been a pleasure being with your school for three years. After going through difficult times , I can relate to the saying that we are together.

Thank you very much for your consideration of Anuradha ma'am and cooperation between the admission team and the finance team and the Laksha ma'am and Ms. Kelly ma'am.

And thank you to Shifail ma'am who was responsible for my son's english.  He was a silent child because he couldn't speak and listen to it at first, but now I'm so proud to think of him playing English and having fun with the children. It's a shame that he could have done better if it wasn't for COVID-19.
Thank you again for her hard work, teaching him well with a systematic and continuous learning program and taking care of the details to see if there are any difficulties.

I'm leaving with good memories in India.
I hope we can meet again


Letter of Appreciation

Dear Mam/Sir

This is an appreciation mail towards the teachers of my ward Rubani Katyal , grade-1S. This was our very first year to the big school after transitioning from the other branch  of pathways-Early Years by pathways, Golf Course Road,Gurgaon. Rubani’s teachers- Ms Urvashi and Ms Rasna have helped her immensely throughout her session. I have to Thank Urvashi mam for inspiring my child to come out of her comfort zone and inculcate in her values that has bloomed her personality beautifully. The school may have found a teacher in you, but my child has found a hero in you,she really seems to think you are made of magic.  You have been so good and patient with the entire class in a way that they now know how to handle difficult situations with ease. Your calming sessions really makes me think as a parent to improve myself especially when rubani tells me “muma calm down, count till 10 and relax. I am your Urvashi mam”. Not just this, the self discipline and basic life skills that you have taught, Thank you for creating such a fun and educational environment for them. Your exquisite teaching qualities have made her a curious bee always researching on topics and subjects  and exploring new things. You have such a positive  impact on her, you are helping us to raise her to become such talented, smart and kind individual. I really appreaciate your dedication and hard work in the classroom. The extra time and effort you put to help the kids grow and learn individually is applausable.

I would like to give you the credit you deserve for guiding my child and making your class a comfortable place for them to grow not just academically but also as a responsible citizen of our nation. You seasoned her so well that we wish to have Ms Urvashi mam as HRT for our child in grade 2 as well. Not just me but a lot of parents from Grade 1s has similar views. Her knowledge and insights has helped our patrons so much that we want Ms Urvashi Rawat to be with us in the jorney ahead next year too. I am quoting the views of other parents as well-

1.)Gunjan Tandon(Mother of Paavni Tandon)

As a parent this was our very first year to enjoy big school for our kids after a hiatus of online classes. We had an absolute privilege to have Ms Urvashi and Ms Rasna as teachers for our kids. After being in the enclosed rooms of the houses and doing schooling this shift for us as well as the kids was drastic and how our HRT Ms Urvashi transformed the kids was amazing to see. Specially for my ward Paavni we would like to lay emphasis on her zeal to bring out the best in her class kids was visible. Though stringent in her approach she help our daughter get out of shell and achieve amazing feat. It’s appalling to see how she knows her students inside out and works with them not just on excellence in curriculum but also on soft skills that lay the foundation for strong futuristic citizens. She has inculcated so many values in our child from smaller things of sharing n caring and being empathetic to larger areas like global warming etc. these are the topics that are not a part of curriculum but a lot of fruitful discussions happen around these things and kids being these back home and it their day to day life.

We as parents don’t know to what extend can this request be accommodated but we so wish that we get to have Urvashi mam as HRT for our child in grade 2 as well so that these two first years of physical school can help shapen them better.

Warm regards

Gunjan Tandon

2.)Rupam Malik( Mother of Araaina and Ramaaira Malik)

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for Mrs. Urvashi Rawat, who has been a mentor to my children (Araaina and Ramaaira Malik ) in Class 1. Mrs. Urvashi has been an exceptional mentor, and her guidance and leadership have been invaluable to my child's growth and development.

Under her mentorship, my children have shown a significant improvement in their personality, confidence, and academic performance. Mrs. Urvashi's teaching methods are innovative and effective, and she has a unique ability to inspire and motivate her students to reach their full potential.

As a concerned parent, I would like to request that Mrs. Urvashi be considered to continue as the mentor in Class 2 for my children and other students. Her mentorship would undoubtedly benefit the children and help them grow and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

I sincerely hope that my request will be given due consideration, and I would like to thank the school administration for providing such an excellent mentor to our children.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Rupam Malik

3.)Priyanka Khera ( Mother of Naaysa Khera)

This is in regard to hard work and effort being put in by Urvashi mam in the progress of my child Naaysa khera as it would have been quite difficult to shift and adjust from Cbse to IB but she has put in a lot of efforts which is now shown in the confidence of my daughter as her speaking skills reading skills as well as her willingness to create new developments have all happened because of the efforts put in by Urvashi mam .

And as a parent i would be really glad if administration allows my daughter in Urvashi mam class in grade 2 as well.


4) Poonam  Goenka ( Mother of Shreyansh Goenka)

We want to thank Urvashi Ma’am, for her personal involvement in bringing values into Shreyansh’s life.Shreyansh was a reserved child, though with his classmates he is friendly. She ensured that he opens up and comes forward with his views in front of the whole class.

Ma’am is very motivating, inspiring and a great teacher. Her handling of students and Shreyansh has helped them from doing many things on their own independently with greater discipline. She is fun loving and encourages children to come forward and express themselves seamlessly. She ensures children eat food properly and at the same time teaches them the values of no food wasting.

As children grow and move to class upwards, they learn from various teachers various lessons of life and study. Ms. Urvashi Ma’am will always remain as a special teacher who has created an important path in Shreyansh’s life and would learn from her in future too.

Thanks and regards,


The whole grade 1s is of the same view considering Ms Urvashi Rawat’s dedication and sincerity towards our kids. We would like to request the authorities to acknowledge her exceptional teaching and guiding skills and give our kids another chance to have her as their mentor in grade 2 as well.

Thanking you,


Samridhi Katyal (Mother of Rubani Katyal)

Gunjan Tandon ( Mother of Paavni Tandon)

Rupam Malik (Mother of Araaina and Ramaira Malik )

Priyanka Khera ( Mother of Naaysa Khera)

Poonam Goenka ( Mother of Shreyansh Goenka )

Letter to Capt. Bajaj, School Director  

Proud to be celebrating 10sational with PSG!

"I joined Pathways in 2015 and it feels so overwhelming to have known that I have been connected with PSG for about half a decade now. 

Five years ago, the tagline of 'Learn. Work. Play. Think. LIVE' felt like a mere jingle I liked to repeat without the knowledge of its true meaning. But through all these years I have realized that studying in PSG isn't about cramming the book but about learning and developing my knowledge. It is about being exposed to a global platform while knowing why I am studying what I am. It is about making choices in what I study while deeply researching into the horizons it opens me to. Additionally, my mentors are not only one of the best in their fields and are internationally acclaimed but are also someone that I look up to in times of need and have them support me.

I have grown up in Pathways - whether it was the stay backs for organizing events or the early mornings for making the best posters for my house. Every competition that I attended in the past five years and won back an award it wasn't one to me but to Pathways because of the belongingness and need I feel to make the school proud. 

I want to take a moment to express how grateful I am to have been a part of the school and I can't believe that the unmolded confused student that joined school five years ago is going to graduate next with the perfect skills to face the world. 

You have really been an essential part of my journey not only because of the vision you led us with but also because you encouraged me to do my best. 

One thing I would want right now more than any other is Pangat to realize and remember how it felt to give back to those that helped shape us into who we are today. Serving to the faculty, staff, and students in school really helps me connect back to who made me, me!

Here is to many more decades of celebration and creating future leaders!!

Saira Gulati 

Student - DP 2


Happy Teachers Day!    

Dear Dimpu Ma’am, Good Evening!

A very Happy Teacher’s Day! Over the years, Pathways has been more than a school to me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, learnt, lived but most of all I found myself acknowledging my interests, strengths and recognizing what I’m capable of and this was only attainable because of you. When I was joining Pathways, I knew there would a fierce competition, school pressure and because it’s IB there will be holistic learning. However, fortunately, I ended up learning there’s no fierce competition because everyone moves on their unique track and accepts that the competition only lies within themselves. In fact, even the teachers here haven’t ever thought of comparing any student with the other. Additionally, yes there’s schoolwork but I think the pressure will be the wrong word because I’ve really started to enjoy learning in fact studies here are what makes me happy the most. All I want to say is Thank you so much ma’am for making Pathways the best school any student could wish for. I’m really grateful to be a part of the Pathways Community and be considered as a Pathwaysian.

I’m really lucky to have a mentor like you and be a part of your school. Additionally, I’d really like to thank you for putting in so much effort to work for our future. I’ll always be grateful to you and all the Pathways teachers! A very Happy Teacher’s Day once again!

Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Taneesha Arora

Gratitude Note

Our Daughter, Jiya Narang, Grade 5Q, has been teaching ballet to eight girls at a non-for-profit school, as a part of her initiative for the PYPx.

On the occasion of World Dance Day, on Friday- her students, who have now become her friends, performed the dance in front of their own school.

It was such a proud and rewarding moment for Jiya. Something she had been working on for the past four months has culminated into something so special. This couldn’t have been possible without the guidance of the brilliant team at Pathways and her HRT Ms. Malika Dhamija and Ms. Tripti Bagri.

As she’s now heading towards a new chapter of her life in MYP, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you and the PYP team for the growth and journey that our daughter has experienced with you all for the past six years.

These years are now the right foundation for her for the rest of her life and we couldn’t be more proud and grateful.

A big heartfelt thanks to you and your team at PSG.

Letter of Appreciation

I am writing to you to express my gratitude and show my appreciation for Ms Alka Mathur who was the homeroom tutor for my son Vedant Bajaj in the last academic year 2020-2021 when he was in Grade 3.

 I had many chances over the past year, to observe Ms Alka's teaching methodology, her emphasis on discipline and the high standards she set for her students, which is what I would expect from my children myself.

Despite it being a mostly virtual learning environment, Ms Alka was able to observe the strengths and weaknesses of my child with great accuracy and she communicated these to me during our discussions.  This, despite there being more than 20 other students in the class.

To give you some context, consequent to these discussions, Vedant was evaluated during the summer break by a leading child psychologist and his team of evaluators and was found to have a high IQ bordering on giftedness along with certain associated challenges on some academic/ behavioural parameters. 

 Ms Alka had very graciously agreed to be a part of this evaluation also 

I would also like to point out another incident where she exhibited an exemplary level of care. During the short few weeks that the children attended physical school, Ms Alka called me on her own accord with her observations on my son's behaviour.

Vedant is occasionally a shy child and she communicated to me how he was self-deprecating in his conversations with his friends and how this may not be good for his confidence as well as personal development. Not only did she speak to Vedant about this and encouraged him to stand up for himself, she also made sure that I as the parent was in the loop so that this problem is addressed holistically.

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate this - that a teacher, in such a difficult learning environment, with minimal physical interaction, and with 20 other children under her guidance, would be able to :

  • point out accurately what the child's strengths and weaknesses are
  • communicate with the parent actively to address the above
  • go beyond academics and invest her mind space, time and effort in the emotional well being of the child

I am truly thankful that my son has had an opportunity to be her student. 


Kirti Mukharya Bajaj

Mother of Vedant Bajaj

Letter of Appreciation          

May 16, 2020

Dear Anuradha Ma’am & Capt Bajaj 

Hope you and the entire pathways family are keeping safe! 

My daughter Amyrah Bhatia has been part of PSG for 4 years now and thus that makes us also a part of the Pathways family. The love and affection and the care that the school has given to our daughter is really appreciated.  

These have been trying times for everyone both financially as well as accepting to adjust to a lifestyle which is not natural to us. The school and especially the teachers have done a tremendous job in taking care that the kids are able to still keep up with their academics while making it as fun as possible. It is very hard to keep children this age to concentrate for so long. The teachers did a commendable job helping kids transition from normal school to a technology-based learning.

Importance of Reflection!

Teaching the kids to reflect on their understanding of the situation made them adjust to the lockdown without any hassle. And this is all because the school has taught them to become emotionally aware of situations and accept and react accordingly. 

At this time, we would like to mention that both Aarti ma’am and Surbhi ma’am made sure that the kids were pampered and looked forward to attending the sessions every day. After watching the kids interact with all the teachers and the mutual love for each other.... we realised why they miss the school so much! 

We are hoping that the school resumes it’s function and the kids head back to their second home and to the new normal.  But in the meantime, we appreciate the efforts put in by the school.  Till then stay home and keep safe! 

Warm Regards

Heena & Vaibhav Bhatia Parent of Amyrah Bhatia Grade 3

Letter of Appreciation

Good Morning everyone! I'm Sonam Jha's mom. My two kids have been at Pathways for the last 6 years, one is graduating middle school and the other primary and I feel very proud to be sharing my journey at Pathways with you all today.

I still remember the day when we had decided to send Sonam to Pathways, she was starting nursery and I remember my apprehension and I clearly remember the image flashing through my mind of this tiny girl in--‐front of Pathways grand steps leading to the reception area, wondering if she was ready or rather were we ready to send her to such a big school?

I remember asking her the first few days - did you eat? Did you nap? And she would always try to evade the question saying no I didn't have a pillow or there was no mattress left. I remember calling her teacher who so patiently and lovingly went on to reassure me that it was Sonam's choice not to sleep. While kids were trying to nap, she would allow my little girl to sit next to her pretending to help while she finished her work and that's how our journey with Pathways started, with so much of love and care.

Till this day my child goes to school with excitement and comes back with double that excitement, whether it's the excitement of making a new friend, or for being rewarded a new star for doing something right, or for finally reaching the math bee second level (Yay!) or rooting for her friends who reached the finals. I'm so grateful for that excitement!

We all had schools where the teachers were respected but through my daughter I have learned that not only are the teachers at Pathways respected but they are loved. Just last week, the girls of 5U got together to make a tribute of love and thanks to their teachers and school staff for making primary the best years of their lives!

A few years back, Sonam presented me this take--‐a--‐way poem at her SLC, which till today I had it pinned to my desk at work, it read: "I was scared when I first entered this school, Although you were there to support me, I wanted to go home. You said I will make friends, you said I won't be alone. So I walked into the classroom and met so many nice people,I also told you all about them when I came back home. Since that day I loved my school, loved my school in everyway!"

While this was supposed to be a tribute to the parents, I kept reading between the lines and feeling good that the school had given her an environment where she did not feel scared or alone, she made friends, she met nice people and she came back home happy loving her school. What more can we want?

I think as a parent, the most important thing that I'm thankful for is that the school has provided a comfortable environment, an environment full of diversity and balance where every child can fit in easily and that is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort by every staff member of the school under the leadership of great minds. Be it founders, be it PYP--‐X, be it sports day or coffee mornings and the list just goes on and on, I'm sure it took a lot of effort to make all this a success and we sometimes forget how much effort goes behind the scenes while we focus on our children in the limelight.

So my heartfelt thanks to the school, to Capt. Bajaj, Anuradha Ma'am, Shefali Ma'am, Tripti Ma'am, the amazing teachers, dance, music, IT, sports coaches, administrative staff, and to the didis, and bhaiyas, to the bus drivers, guards for making this a place where our kids have enjoyed their learning and preparing them for their next transition into middle school.

I know most parents will agree with me in saying that we wish we could keep them in primary for ever but I know they are ready for the next big move as we hand them over to Dimpu Ma'am and her team and I'm certain they will thrive and excel even better there.

Thanks You

Rakhi Jha (Sonam Jha's mom)

Letter of Appreciation    

March 24 2020

Dear Radha Ma'am & Anita Ma'am,

As i write this email today my heart is full of gratitude and appreciation for you both. During these testing times, I now have a better understanding of your profession and what it is that you both do for our children on a daily basis. Teaching my daughter at home in these last 10 days I have realised its not as easy as it may look from the outside. I can now, with full conviction, say that teachers are the most underrated yet the most powerful professionals in the whole world .

I want to also thank you both for helping my daughter, Ayanna Malhan come out of her shell. She loves you both so dearly, and seems to think you are made of magic. Thank you for being so good and soo patient with her. I'm so glad for teachers like you who really make a difference in a child's life.

I would also like to give you both the credit you deserve for guiding our children (even if it is from a far in today's harrowing times) and for making class 1U a comfortable place for them to learn and grow. I cannot even begin to tell you about the smile that Ayanna has on her face each morning when she see's your faces on her computer screen with your good morning message. That alone is testimony in itself as to how deeply you have touched our children's lives. Thank you once again for making our children's lives rounded and complete. 

In gratitude.

Chandni Malhan Parent of Ayaana Malhan 1 D

Letter to Ms. Namita  

Namita Mam

I would like to thank you for imparting such good understanding regarding the nuances of migration through your UOI in Hiti.

I had the pleasure of being the subject of her interview.

After the UOI,

1.She said, she understands and appreciates me as a mother much better now.

2.She has understood that it is not very easy to migrate from one place to another.

3.You have to be a Risk-taker to accept the different challenges of migration.

4.People interaction and making friends is very important to make you feel comfortable in a new place.

5.If you migrate, you have to be very open minded to accept and mix in the culture of the new place.

Thank you once again for teaching these important life lessons in such an interesting way.I also loved sharing my experiences of migration with my daughter. I feel this UOI has bonded us more as mother and daughter.


Shruti Gupta

Gratitude Note  

Dear Ms Anuradha,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you as a school have taken in the past difficult times. From day one your entire team has been so dedicated, that the children or we parents actually did not face any major issues or compromised in any of the online learning journey.

I really appreciate the way your teachers have been working on how to make the lessons more innovative and interesting. Thankyou for doing your best for your students and for being flexible in the unpredictable times. Thankyou for your ability to reach students even from a distance . THANK YOU FOR OPENING YOUR DOORS ONCE AGAIN FOR OUR CHILDREN. As Captain Bajaj said on the physical orientation, four year back “ indeed it’s  the best decision of our lives of choosing you as our school” I’m sure all the teachers are amazing but here I would really like to pay my sincere gratitude to my son Ranveer Haritash’s teachers in kg Ms Angela Bhatnagar, Ms Gaganpreet Marwaha, grade 1  Ms Rachna Hughe and Ms Komal Sachdeva for their patience and “exemplary” discipline. And special thankyou to Ms Charu Jain who is nurturing my younger son Rajveer Haritash, as for Rajveer it’s his first school ever!

Please know that everything your doing is Appreciated and every feeling you all are giving is making a difference !

Letter to Ms. Deepti Gupta  

Ma'am Deepti

It was a real treat to our eyes to see our son Mann Sharma of 6Y not only participating in the play but also being actively involved in the production, costumes, script writing etc.He was so enthusiastic about playing the guitar and also helping in the lyrics. He would practice his little piece at home everyday so as nothing would go wrong.

One of our reasons to change his school was also to get him out of his shell. In his previous school he was lost in a crowd of 40 children and so he never got an opportunity to explore his talents and to conquer all his inhibitions. I personally think that drama gives that confidence to the child wherin he sheds all his inhibitions and shines confidently.

Inacting a story through drama is also the best way of making the kids understand and remember the message being put forward.

Specially the way you involve the children in all the little details from writing the script to choosing the correct costumes and the background it gives them a complete insight into how a production is carried out and also helps them to explore their own personal strength and weaknesses.

We have seen an immense change in manns personality and would love to see him again and again participating in everything and exploring the world through his expressions , words and actions.

All the best for your future productions 

Best Regards

Ruchi and Deepak Sharma ( parents of Mann Sharma ) Class 6

Letter to Capt. Bajaj, School Director  

"It comes to me as no surprise that the IBO evaluation report upheld and praised every practice of our school. In fact, after the MYP5 screen exams were conducted remotely in April, I had written to Ms. Dimpu that our process must be shared widely so that other (IB) schools can learn a thing or two from us and benefit. This has been echoed in the IBO evaluation report - evidence enough that the experts and the lay-parent think very highly of our school practices and vision! 

 Heartfelt congratulations to every member of the faculty, administrative and managerial staff, support staff and of course, the leadership. This success must be celebrated!! 

 My children and I are immensely #ProudPathwaysians. Not only because our school receives accolades but also because we are able to participate in and be inspired by the immense hard work and humble attitude that goes into shaping success.

 Once again, my high praise, admiration and congratulations to you sir, for spearheading this success.  God bless every Pathwaysian."

Dr Ganga Amritesh

Parent of Aadya & Aditi

Grade 6 & 11

Gratitude Note for Ms. Anvita, Primary Years Principal  

Dear Ms. Anvita,

I can't thank you and your school enough for taking care of my son Virat Khanna, student of Nursery R who has a fractured shoulder. As much as his teachers have taken care of him, I would also like to thank the students of his class who made Virat at ease, by helping him out at each step.

For two continuous weeks in a row, his classmate Kavin Jain helped him to bring his bag to the reception, just because Virat couldn't carry it. Vibhav Tripathi who helps him with his planner and makes sure his belongings too are well taken care of (just to name a few, am sure his whole class helps him diligently.

To see 5-year old being so particular about helping their fellow classmate is a matter of pride.

I am overjoyed to think that these little men (as they behave) have been given the right set of teaching and morals in the school.

My son would never have a haircut till last year (Nov 2017) it took literally 4 people to hold him, combined with terrible screams and crying, and I shared my concern with Ms. Vaid and the next thing I know is Virat getting a haircut all by himself without shedding a tear and sitting bravely throughout. That was a miracle for our whole family (am not exaggerating on this). Today my boy loves to go for a haircut. His eating habits have improved, and his learning has shown such a huge difference. I can't stop counting on how wonderful my boy is turning out to be. A small example, he refused to buy a water gun for Holi, just because they are guns.

A special note of appreciation for Ms. Vaid and Ms. Chopra, who have nurtured and made these boys such fine gentlemen. They are such a wonderful combination of being strong and loveable at both times. To teach a kid the importance of good and bad is different, but to bring it in our day to day life is tough and I see these boys doing it. Ideally, I should only be talking about my child and how wonderful he is turning out to be but I also can't stop and mention about how the entire class has stood up head high on firmer grounds and how well they all are.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to share my gratitude towards the school and Virat's teachers for the positive teachings, both big and small, that are being imparted and look forward to the continued growth of my child.

Thanking you for such wonderful and able teachers and thank you for such a wonderful school.


Simrat Khanna

Letter of Appreciation        

May 13, 2020

Dear Ms. Anuradha,

Greetings! Hope you and your family are holding up well in these unique times.

I wanted to drop a note to share that the teachers - esp. Deepali (HRT), Namrata (Co-tutor) and Neelam (Hindi) - have been doing a fabulous job with these online classes! They are very patient and ensure everyone is included. The classes are run very professionally: They start on time, content is well planned and there isn't any chaos during the class. The material is explained well such that the kids can independently complete the tasks assigned.

Deepali and Namrata are especially amazing - as they go the extra mile in staying in tune with a kid's emotional state of mind. In Dec they had altered their interactions with my daughter to comfort her (we had a lot of travel which was bothering her and they caught on to it!). During the last few weeks, their check-ins, prompt responses and positivity have really helped in lifting Yuvika's spirits and made her feel connected with what life used to be!

We also appreciate the school's openness towards DLP feedback in the initial days and the speed of reacting to it! You were in a difficult spot, trying to come up with a schedule / workload that would work for everyone and keep them happy :-) It worked out quite well and has settled into a nice rhythm since the last 3-4 weeks - Keep it up!


Neha Mother of Yuvika Sharma Grade 1R

Letter to Ms. Varsha Sinha    

 “So glad we chose Pathways for nurturing and fostering both our boys. They are not only excelling academically but also feeling cherished and empowered. Thank you, family Pathways, for ensuring that both my children are happy, this assurance enables me and my husband not only to work peacefully but even create value at work.

I have no words to express my gratitude to Sangeeta Nag for always supporting me in taking the right decisions for my older Pathwaysian Adhiraj ....

From a shy, hunched boy with low self-esteem she has transformed him into a confident extrovert and most importantly empowered young man. He was also the second topper with the 100 % scholarship thus paving the way for financially less privileged children to study abroad. 

Captain Bajaj's philosophy resonates with mine as I also feel that the child goes to school more for emotional strength and health rather than just academics, so I NEVER miss a chance to hear his speeches.”


Rummy Chaddha 

Parent of Adhiraj & Arjun Chaddha

Gratitude Note  

Dear teachers,

I am writing to place on record my sincere gratitude and immense appreciation for each one of you. Despite the challenges you are facing at this time, either yourself or on behalf of family members/relatives/friends, you never let it come in the way of your duty as teachers. You always kept up the morale of your students, often not even letting them get to know of your difficulties. To help students who were going through a gamut of emotions from fear to anxiety to sorrow, despair and hopelessness, even while you were fighting your own battles, you ensured that children were continually supported, cared for and motivated enough to believe that this too shall pass.

I speak from personally witnessing this and experiencing it through the journey Aditi and I have had in recent times. Aditi had been through an unprecedented physical/mental/emotional upheaval through March and April. The story of how my sensitive child survived this phase is something we will never forget, as a family!!

I am grateful to every teacher who heard me out and stood with Aditi by

-extending support and understanding in the most matter of fact manner

-promptly giving (extra) time for communication and discussions

-providing patient guidance even if it meant repeating the same thing over,

-letting things/work go where it didn’t matter so that it enabled speedy healing of a broken spirit

-consistently boosting morale in meaningful ways

-allaying fears by fixating the mind on the way ahead

and also, gently reassured me (yes, adults need support too!)


As a consequence of all that you wonderful people did (and continue to do), my child gradually began to climb out of the crevice she had fallen into. She mustered the courage and calmness to sit through her final exams and is gradually finding the motivation to pursue the things she has always loved. She is regaining her lost self-confidence and smile.


We all know that school is only a part of one’s life and of that part, these DP years are a small fragment. However, the invaluable life lessons Aditi has gained through these recent experiences is something she will always remember. 


My family and I are grateful for the support Aditi has received from all of you.


We wish all of you and your families good health. 


Kind regards

Ganga Amritesh

Letter of Appreciation      

Dear Capt. Bajaj, Dimpu ma’am and dear Teachers

I hope my mail finds all of you in good health. As we all tide over these unexpected, unprecedented times, may we count the blessings that keep us afloat and moving along.

I write to especially applaud the humongous efforts made by all teachers to remain connected with children and conduct virtual classes. We all are suddenly saddled with not only “work from home” situations but also “work in your home”. As I juggle several chores in my home ... I cannot even imagine how our teachers manage them alongside conducting lessons, administering tests, clarifying doubts and simply being a pillar of support to students. In such times, even the calmest of children may become anxious. However, I am delighted to see how teachers boost their children’s morale and confidence. It is absolutely praiseworthy. 

I know that all you teachers are working very very hard. I also know that you may not always have full attendance in your lessons. And yet you people do your best - never slacking or stepping back. The universe observes this selfless service you do. And it will always keep you in good stead. 

I am overwhelmed by the support that not only my child but I too receive as a parent from our school. Every teacher We have contacted during this lockdown phase has responded promptly and always in a kind and supportive tone, irrespective of their own anxieties, pressures and time demands. I too am learning from all of you to remain calm and collected at this time and focus my energies. The calm and confident attitude of the teachers will surely Infuse the children with positivity and willingness to apply themselves.

I hope and pray that we all meet very soon in happier times. Meanwhile my children and I draw a lot of peace and positivity from fond memories of schooldays. 

Thank you dear teachers for your unstinting support to the children. Thank you for being like a family. Thank you for showing the children how to stay focused and march ahead in tough times. Sincere gratitude and appreciation dear teachers, for your Herculean efforts! 

Kind regards

Ganga Amritesh Parent of Aditi Amritesh Grade 10

Thank you for a wonderful Grade 4  

Dear Ms Ashita, 

Thank you for a wholesome, progressive, supportive and loving year for Aisha with you in Grade 4P. 

We have seen Aisha grow stupendously in the year gone by, be it her self assurance, confidence, or her emotional & mental strength. It's heartening to see her make such informed and mature decisions regarding herself, without ever taking away the childlike buzz in her. 

We do have a lot to thank you for, in the way you have supported and encouraged her all along, without her feeling judged or pressured in any of her decisions or her work submissions.

Your love & pride for her is evident in every interaction with her & us, & that has had a large role to play in the fact she never once wished to miss school, loves school, enjoys doing her lessons & becoming a lifelong learner. Aisha is in many ways a "role model' to us as parents too as we all see so much to learn from her.

A big heartfelt thank you to all the other faculty members too, who have actively guided and supported and always encouraged Aisha to do her best, always.

We wish you the best for the next batch & we look forward to another wonderful year for Aisha at PSG PYP. :))  

With warm regards & heartfelt gratitude

(Aisha Kauls proud parents)     

Letter to Mr Praveen Jain, Director

"We would like to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt thanks for the exceptional love, care and patience Myra’s teachers, Ms. Sheetal Jyoti and Ms. Radha Ahuja have shown in mentoring Myra. Considering that Myra joined the formal school as an online student who never got the opportunity to either meet her teachers or her classmates in person and considering that as parents we were extremely apprehensive about how she would cope up with her studies without friends and teachers who’d never met her ... we really think we’ve been blessed with the most amazing teachers who guided Myra through such a difficult phase in such an innovative and cheerful manner.

Indeed Ms. Radha’s Hindi class is always so full of life that we as parents barely restrain ourselves from joining in the fun! And Ms. Sheetal’s calm and patience that we witnessed even during the Pathways Panthers drama theme was simply out of this world !

Just the way both her teachers come up with the most fun games at most appropriate of moments when children seem to be losing concentration is amazing and how we wish we were taught by Ms. Radha Ahuja and Ms. Sheetal Jyoti too when we were kids.

We are eternally grateful to them. Myra adores her teachers and we shall miss them"

- Dr. Guncha and Mr. Nitin 

(Parents of Myra Singh, Grade 1)




Gratitude Note

Dear Neelima Ma’am,

Both Suhail and I would like to express our profound gratitude for the amazing impact you have had on Saanvi’s learning and growth as a confident pupil.  It has been two years of high-quality learning for Saanvi and you have helped  shape her into such a confident and happy kid.  

You saw the potential in Saanvi and your unwavering belief was the catalyst for her to launch her aspirations. We shall forever be grateful for your guidance to Saanvi at every step of the way. 

You have always taken time out from your busy schedule for short discussions with Saanvi for her little problems and promptly and effectively provided solutions for them. 

I fondly recall that when Saanvi shared her topic of De-concretization of trees in the beginning of grade 4, it was you ma’am who not only encouraged her but also gave her the idea to make a padlet link with timelines. You gave her the platform to share awareness across grades which not only motivated Saanvi but all the other kids as well. This year again we witnessed how you took so much pain and efforts to support Hitaarth’s initiative. Undoubtedly, without your guidance and encouragement the students would not be able to take forward their initiatives.

You truly go beyond and above to ensure that your students receive the highest quality of education possible. Your commitment in helping and motivating the children to develop skills is truly commendable.

 It is very rare to find such mentors who go out of their way to mold the student’s character and work tirelessly and stay invested in their success. 

Saanvi will carry fond memories of the time spent under your pupillage and will always miss you. It was an absolute pleasure to have you as a Home Tutor, mentor and guide for two years.

Ever thankful and grateful to you ma’am.

Warm regards,

Suhail and Meghna

Letter to Ms. Anvita, Primary Years Principal

Ms. Anvita

Thank you for informing me of this initiative. Now I can relate to why Aadya has been on a collection spree.

Aadya is a child who empathizes beyond her years. She has an ability to be kind without a need to celebrate her or her initiatives. Not now, but even since she was a small child, she has felt deeply for the underprivileged and done her own little things to help. Sharing meals (by putting away food at restaurants), giving away part of her pocket money, handing over books and raising funds (by reading) Aadya gets immense peace by helping out.

During this weekend, my spirited 8 year old has collected clothes and utility items (she checks each item to ensure they are usable) from our entire family, that could bring relief to someone in need. Thank you for providing her opportunities to be of help and for encouraging our young children to develop a sense of kindness and empathy. In turn, they become more grateful for what they have.

Wishing you and all the wonderful teachers and staff of primary school a relaxing vacation ahead. Also best wishes for the New Year 2018 - may it be filled with fun, achievements and all the happy incidents that childhood should be about. My deepest admiration for all teachers who do such a selfless service to nurture our children.

Warm Regards

Dr. Ganga Amritesh (Mother of Aadya Amritesh, 3P)

Gratitude Note for Ms. Anuradha, Primary Years Principal  

Dear Ms. Anuradha,

I am writing this email on behalf of entire grade 3 parents as an appreciation for the spectacular show put up by students for Founder’s Day celebration. It was indeed a great production right from conception of theme to sequencing of events, coordination, and execution.

The amount of efforts put up by both students and teachers were quite evident and is highly commendable. It is not easy to assign role to each student and ensure that role is played flawlessly. The diligence behind the scenes and coordination between different teams in organising such a grandeur show is noteworthy. The performances were absolutely seamless and mesmerising that made us travel to another world.

The level of confidence each student demonstrated during the show is laudable.This reflects the spirit of true Pathwaysians. We were so proud to see our kids displaying their assigned roles so confidently. They not only performed but enjoyed their participation in the show.

And this spectacular outcome has been possible because of your guidance, support, and leadership.

Needless to say, all the arrangements were excellent and we relished such a scrumptious dinner. Kudos to the admin team for taking care of everything.

A huge round of applause to the entire team that was involved in the production of ‘Sound of Music’. Our heartfelt gratitude and thankyou to all of them. It was truly a memorable experience for us.



Gratitude note

Dear Manish Sir,

Heartiest congratulations for a spectacular Athletics meet. The inaugural ceremony was a treat to our eyes. The event was a true example of collaboration and hard work.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for giving Sanaa an opportunity to be a part of the Aerobics. Our hearts were elated seeing her put in her 100% effort to match the steps with other students. As a child even though she wishes to participate in sports and dance but her weaknesses hold her back.

Thank you for your open-minded approach towards inclusiveness and believing that each child deserves equal happiness and opportunity to participate in activities of their choice. Today as parents we witnessed her perseverance and resilience to be able to perform dance fighting against all odds.

We are proud to see Sanaa as a Pathwaysian.

Best Regards

Shefali and Mohit Mittal

Letter of Appreciation  

Dear Radha Ma’am and Ambica Ma’am,

Hope you are well-rested and are rejoicing in the festivities.

I wanted to thank you both for giving Utsa her ‘first-ever’ wonderful camping experience. Being the first of this kind, and at an impressionable age, makes it an important event and nothing short of a milestone. And so, honestly, as a parent, I did have my fingers-crossed for it to be memorable. Thanks to the able leadership of Ms. Mallika and Ms. Geetika, and the expertise and deep involvement of you both, it indeed turned out to be a memorable one.

Utsa is back with many stories from the camp, which we are still listening to. In the meanwhile, we have established how well she was taken care of by her teacher-in-charge – Ms Ambica; from the positive affirmations before sleeping to ensuring she has taken her medicines (for cough) on time and so many endearing episodes and conversations.  Also, the care and support she had from you and Ms. Nidhi has been highlighted by her. What’s more! She has also come back learning new hair-dos besides other things!

The experience has further fostered her bonding with the teachers and peers and has had her self-management skills upgraded too. She loved the activities done at the camp and being in the midst of nature. The learning has been immense and the fun times will be cherished in times to come. So, much gratitude and congratulations to the whole team behind this camp.

While at this, I also wanted to share something I could not during the PTSC or in the PTSC form due to limited time. We are quite happy with how Utsa applies her learnings in day-to-day conversations and activities back home. We keep hearing new terms and vocabulary that she picks from school and which are generally tied to their TD theme. She applies them aptly with logic and clarity and that is such a heartening outcome. This is only possible when the teachers are lucid and persuasive in their methodology. She is sincere in her work and I see her picking further responsibility in a few new areas voluntarily. Once again, thank you for whatever strategies you are adopting to teach these kids the concepts that sink in so well and make them better self-managed learners.

Wishing you both and everyone at school a very happy Diwali and holidays too.

Letter of Appreciation  

Hi Ma'am

Hope you are doing well. We have been Pathways Parents for over 7 years and over the last year we saw our son Sidharth blossom and transform into a personality that we were always striving for him to be. Jigyasa Maam has a huge role to play in it and we wanted to acknowledge the positive impact she has had on Sidharth and indirectly on our family.

It was the same time last year where I was taken aback by the remarks by one of his teachers “He is academically excellent but needs to work on his approach and behaviour!” definitely not great feedback for parents to hear or know of. He seemed alright at home and given that he spent most of his days at school, we were not sure what exactly needed to be worked upon. Each time we had a chat with him, things did not seem way off. We knew he was different and we had always encouraged unconventional thinking. On drilling down further we realized, the problems were more of optics… he seemed disinterested, was always busy creating Origami pieces, playing with Rubik’s cubes and when pushed would showcase a disinterested body language. My worst fears were coming out to be true as a parent. We always knew that this could be a possible result of boredom and lack of engagement for a child like Sidharth.

Sidharth at 2-3 years of age had started showing signs of being gifted. He started reading at the age of 3 and all his activities showed signs of higher order aptitude which was further confirmed by a Wechler test done in the US at the age of 5. At that time, choice for us was to either put him in a gifted school or choose a regular school but ensure he is continually challenged. We chose latter and decided that academics will be taken care of but we will focus on overall development. This though meant an initial phase of misunderstandings in each class where the teachers would first be upset, then confused and eventually realize his potential. And this learning curve usually was super traumatic for the child as well as us as parents, where we felt we would be judged, as Sidharth did not fit in the cookie cutter mold of the “ideal” child that we have all be unconsciously biased towards.

But in last half of 4th grade, challenges stretched longer than what should have. We, as parents did not know how to help him and we saw him slipping into a cycle where he felt that any thing he did or tried would be misunderstood any ways and get him into trouble. He was missing opportunities and a lot of his abilities were under appreciated or not noticed. He felt he had no chances to prove his abilities. I was filled with doubt on our own parenting abilities .. was being a working mom with a demanding schedule hurting his chances? I could not be as engaged with teachers as other mums were. We started grade 5 with great apprehension. I was nervous about going through the cycle of being misunderstood again. I asked him if he wanted to request to change sections. He convinced me that he wanted to work with a new teacher and get to know her better. “But you need to promise me that you will try to make it work!” I said, and we dropped the idea of changing the section. Little did we know what a brilliant decision it was … but, it was a bit later. First, we had to get another rude shock - The Student Council. Given, what we had seen in Sidharth, if there was anything we saw very clearly in him, it was leadership potential, and you can trust two top B school graduates and business leaders to know that. We do it for our living. He made it to the last round but did not get through! And why… he probably upset some of the clichéd sensibilities by openly stating that he did not care enough for the position and ruffled some feathers.

That was the point for me when, I lost faith. I felt however progressive the teachers claim to be, we are all subject to our unconscious biases and the system does not have the ability to identify talent. Unless Sidharth decides to give in, and portray a stereotype, he would probably face it all along. I had no expectations after this and was actively looking to change his school thereafter.

This is where Jigyasa Maam stepped in Sidharth’s life. Her open minded approach allowed her to not get cogged up with preconceived notions. She looked for more than what was visible on the outside. She appreciated him for who he was, skills he brought in which were unique. Never before, was he appreciated for being the fastest in Rubik’s cube. Never before, was he appreciated for his Origami. Yes, she did encourage him to work on his social/leadership skills, but the approach was extremely positive and non judgmental. Biggest of all, she gave him opportunities to do different stuff, to feel good about himself and the cycle started to turn.

This year has been a year of phenomenal achievements for Sidharth. We saw him persevere, work hard and not give up. Fever, injuries, family engagements & intense demands from all his coaches …. Nothing deterred him. There were project overlaps which were impossible to pull off.. but Jigyasa Maam had given him so much confidence and moral support, that he pulled it off. I don’t think I could have dealt with the pressure that he dealt with, so much calm and ease. He felt he was not alone but was supported by people who liked him. The team of believers started expanding with Dimple Ma’am, Mallika Maam, Megha Ma’am, Guzalia Maam, Tripti Maam and he started flourishing and enjoying. At the end of 5th Grade, I am amazed at the breadth of his achievements in conjunction with his regular academics and social engagements. And all of it independently, as my work schedule does not allow me to be physically be present every where.  Here are some of his experiences: 

  • Vasant Valley Drama Fest – Role of Parmeshwar
  • Founders Day : Beast 
  • Math Bee – Winner (Both Term 1 & 2) 
  • Interschool Math Bee – Ist position 
  • Spelling Bee – Ist ( Winner) Term 1 
  • Math Olympiad: Level 1 Rank 1 (58/60), Zonal Rank 6; International Rank 9
  • Math Olympiad: Level 2 Rank 1 (58/60); Zonal Rank 4, International 44 
  • English Olympiad : Level 1,  Rank 1 School 
  • Swimming Gala Bronze in 50 M Freestyle 
  • Karate Black Belt 
  • Theme Vocal Grade 1 Topper with distinction 
  • Theme Piano Grade 2 Topper with distinction 
  • Multiple Piano Recitals 
  • Funding education of 2 girls at Pragati School and devoting his time and his Birthday funds to distribute food/taught them Origami
  • PYP Exhibition (this with a pulled muscle on the main day) 
  • Emcee for the event 
  • Choir 
  • Puppet Show Narrator 
  • Quiz/ Presenter/ Petition/ You tube Video/ Research
  • Shortest time in Rubik’s cube in his grade- 3x3 under 15 Seconds; and he can solve any type of Rubik Cube available – 3x3; 4x4; 5x5; 7x7; Mirror, Triangle, Do Nut, Mixed… .. 
  • Certificate in Public Speaking
  • ORFF Schulwerk Recital

In addition to these, the most endearing aspect was the student following he has in the school bus/ building among kids of age range of 4-12. He has taught several kids how to solve the cube and is invariably gifting out origami structures on request. I have notes sent out from parents on how wonderful he was as a friend to be taking care of a sick friend or responsible enough to drop off the youngest kid to his apartment rather than leaving him alone on Halloween. If this is not leadership, what is …

And I only have Jigyasa Maam to thank for this. She broke the cycle of gloom, looked for the spark and truly believed in him. This encouraged others to stop and see the brighter side rather than looking for negatives.

Our take away as parents have been to believe in our instincts and believe in our child rather than reacting to the complaints outside. Sidharth clearly was a surprise for us.. we know it’s too early to celebrate and he has many more miles stones, but we really hope that the grit and commitment he has demonstrated so far, stays on with him. We will be happy if he continues with his unrelenting spirit and openness to push himself harder to achieve excellence.

I would also encourage the school to share with the teachers the importance of understanding that all kids cannot be fit into a single format. Each one is different and we need to drop our unconscious biases and judgments to identify their abilities. It takes just one believer and some faith to break the cycle of negativity.

Thank you for your attention.. I know its a long read

Warm regards

Shikha & Sameer

Letter to Capt. Hamendra        

Capt. Hamendra, the school management and the entire Safety and Security Team at Pathways,

Yesterday I personally witnessed two instances and experienced one myself very pleasant moments.

Just thought of sharing the same with everyone concerned.

In the morning when I was dropping my kids at the primary building, a girl must be either in 4th or a 5th grade walked out of the building and was immediately stopped by the guards to go alone outside the building - she came back and immediately after a boy again must be again either in 4th or a 5th grade went out and was stopped immediately. The boy tried giving an argument that he has his PE class but the guards didn't budge and said that you cannot go alone and have to accompany atleast a "didi", the boy had to come back and he did - I fully appreciated the rightfulness of the guard present there and the way they handled it without being an iota rude, just plain and simple and straightforward, and ensured the necessary. Full appreciation to them for doing their job so well.

Then in the afternoon I came to pick up the younger daughter Zara and handover the extra sports kit to the elder daughter Naina. It must have been about 10 minutes that we were out of the primary school building and the kids were having their refreshments at the open air amphitheater and my younger daughter Zara said she wants to go to the washroom. We went to the primary building and told the guards there that my daughter wants to go to the washroom, they let us in and as we walked towards the washroom which is just across the Courtyard, I guess we would have taken less than 10 steps and a male guard advised the lady guard to accompany Zara to the washroom and she immediately went behind Zara to the washroom and both came back after a couple of minutes. I with a smile thanked the lady guard.

I must say that the security is being briefed very well and it was just a very pleasant day yesterday to have experienced such sense of security and safety at the school.

A full applaud to the school management for making this happen at Pathways !

Cheers and Best Regards

Gaurav Bahl

Letter of Appreciation for Sports    

Dear Mr. Arjun Singh & Mr. Nitin Kumar

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and acknowledge the contributions of Mr. Arjun Singh, Athletics Coach and Mr. Nitin Kumar, Soccer Coach in helping my kids, Medha Tomar and Mehul Tomar, realize their potential and capabilities and to make them work harder to be better sports persons. As Mehul and Medha move to USA and explore new academic opportunities, they will always cherish and remember the support provided by Mr. Arjun and Mr. Nitin.

Mr. Arjun Singh has been a big motivator and supporter of my both my children and identified their potential and pushed them for mid-distance running. He has regularly identified 3 km and 5 km runs in Delhi and Gurgaon area and encouraged them to participate and has been himself present at the venues at 5 am in the morning on the weekends to cheer them and sometimes run with them. His energy has always rubbed onto my kids and encouraged them to try harder. Sometimes, my son, Mehul Tomar, Grade 10 had to stay back for his personal project and e-portfolios work in school and after his work, he would wait for his little sister to finish her Athletics practice. Mr. Arjun Singh, encouraged him to not sit and wait but take part in the Athletics practice. He won gold medal in 1500 m in last athletics meet and he has not looked back since then. Thank you Sir for all your motivation and hard work.

Mr. Nitin Tomar has been a very practical and supportive coach. He made my son, Mehul Tomar, realize his true standing and very directly showed him the real picture that my son is not a great soccer player. But Mr. Nitin did not stop there but planned baby steps for him to improve and kept rewarding him for his improvements. As a result my son has tremendously improved his stamina and his football skills. Mehul's increased stamina helped him to explore Athletics as well. Thanks to Mr. Nitin, my son has a more disciplined and active lifestyle and even during his Grade 10 preparatory leave and exams he tried to wake up early to run and/or practice football for some time.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention an incident that happened two years back. Both my kids had enrolled for summer camp - my daughter, Medha for Athletics camp and my son, Mehul for soccer camp. On the second day of camp, I dropped my kids to school and found that the entire school ground has been dug. It was a very disappointing and disheartening moment and I was wondering where would the kids now play and practice. Mr. Arjun explored new avenues and took the Athletics teams to Leisure Valley Park, Tau Devilal Stadium, etc. and kept the momentum and rigor of the practice. Mr. Nitin found a new patch next to upcoming Primary School building for the kids to practice. He also introduced the kids to Futsal on Basketball court.

Thank you Mr. Arjun and Mr. Nitin for all your efforts, energy, time and motivation. You have helped make my kids better sports person and more responsible. My kids and we will miss you a lot.

All the very best to both of you.



Letter of Appreciation

Dear Sir and Ma'am,

I wanted to take the opportunity to drop in a note to thank you for all your efforts for conducting such a successful and well thought out Advance Swimming training camp. It was a a unique opportunity for the kids to really immerse themselves in in training under the best coaches and learn about the rigor that is need to excel in any field. Above all this, they learnt important life skills- independence, looking after each other, diet nutrition and gratitude which are invaluable.

This was made possible only with the dedication and hard work put in by you, Bidisha Ma'am and Varun Sir. You made sure the kids have the best possible care and are well protected and secure. You were their guardians, friends coaches and much more and we witnessed how you guys would stay up all night to work with a children who would at times be homesick without any complain and would still be happy and cheerful the next day tending to other students. Even we as parents don't have as much patience and affection as you all demonstrated. In fact I learned the fine balance of discipline and pampering from you all as a parenting lesson.

The facilities were state of art and the kids loved every bit of the rigor in the training. Despite the intensity, they all enjoyed being pushed and learning new skills and the focus helped them get away from distractions. It was wonderful to hear how they were managing their pocket money, laundry and room and the best gesture was how they got little somethings back home for family for the first time.

I am so happy Sidharth got the opportunity to be a part of this life transforming experience. I am proud of the fact that he was super positive about the experience and came back very confident and feeling like he had achieved something. This is all thanks to your efforts and confidence in him.

So I wish you the very best for many many such life transforming experiences for kids and I hope they make you proud with their hard work and achievements.

Warm Regards


Letter to Ms. Kriti and Ms. Priya  

Kriti and Priya

I find great pleasure in sharing with you the following observations in my conversations with Niket over the last few days.

Observation 1:

While travelling in the car, and noticing the shape of clouds, I mentioned that it looks like a a white bud blossoming into a beautiful flower. He mentioned that to him it looks like the smoke that surrounds a genie when it comes out of the magic lamp, and also reminds him of the story- Jack and the Bean stalk. There was a pause, after which he said "we both have different perspectives of the same thing!!!".

Observation 2:

He shared that Bhagat singh and Mahatma Gandhi also had different perspectives when it came to fighting for India's freedom. He even shared what each one believed in.

Observation 3:

He was asking if he could change his surname to 'Sinha'. He was told that he can do so when he comes to class tenth, if he truly and really feels like that then. He said he couldn't possibly wait till class tenth, and would like to do so in grade 3 next year. When he was told that it is like a 'rule' in India-and he will have to wait till grade 10, he said-" Oh, so you mean it is India's "Essential Agreements??".... !!!

It brings great pleasure to us as parents to hear him use new vocabulary appropriately, and bring forward his thoughts during conversations so beautifully.

What better gift than to share these with you on the Teacher's day?...

Thank you for all your efforts, Kriti and Priya…and a Happy Teacher's Day to both of you, in advance!!

With regards

Varsha Sinha (Mother of Niket Nair-2 Q)

Letter Of Appreciation  

Dear Abha Ma'am

I sincerely apologize for the delay in sending this mail to you. I thought I had sent it and here it was sitting in my drafts. Guess it must have slipped through the mails. Sincere apologies. I hope this 'feedback' (for lack of a better word) is still somehow relevant as we really do want to let you and the school know how much Ruhaan and we have enjoyed Kindergarten with you.

At the outset I first wish to thank you Ma'am for giving us this opportunity to speak to you on our take of the year gone by and how it has helped Ruhaan, which it has at so many levels. We ourselves were wondering the best way to express our gratitude - this perhaps is the best medium.

When Kindergarten was to start at Pathways, we had already been at Pathways for a year. It's a clear recollection that IB had been a matter of preference for us as a methodology and had felt it would be best suited for Ruhaan given the way he was growing and developing his skills at that point in time. However, Ruhaan while being happy at school and enjoying his time spent there, we remained unsure of how much he had been imbibing and more importantly whether he was being able to embrace the IB "Learner Profiles".

We kept hearing how he was not communicative and how his vocabulary was limited (since he hardly spoke in school, no one knew his extensive language capabilities at school) and that we needed to work on his oral speaking skills as well as encouraging him to interact with his peer group. Another point of improvement for Ruhaan remained to make him independent. We did spend time with him on these aspects, however Ruhaan started resisting and we had to stop pushing him in this direction for fear that he may stop enjoying his school. We did realize that he had a natural love for the language and he did observe other children and enjoyed their "masti" but himself was too shy to participate in it all. While realizing the shortcomings of his introvert nature we decided to let Ruhaan be and let him grow out of it, if he had to, on his own. Change of sections made it even more worrisome for me as a mother!!!

However, within months of starting Kindergarten we started seeing quick changes in Ruhaan- he suddenly grew. He made friends. He wanted to share things with his teacher on his own account. There was a desire to showcase his achievements amongst his friends - when he picked up basic sentence reading he expressed a desire to read before his teacher and soon, before we knew it he was reading and presenting his various "creations" before his class. Every week we saw his confidence grow and his sense of independence, self worth and pride grew tremendously, which went a large way towards him wanting to further improve his skills at reading, writing, sports, art work, amongst others. He has developed a keen interest in music too and has asked to start music lessons!!! He very earnestly tries to make music on his own on his ukulele and the toy keyboard!!

Perhaps a large part of his growth can be attributed to age related development and some bit of peer encouragement, however as his parents, we feel a very significant part of his development and progress is owing to his teachers in Kindergarten, especially his special Abha Ma'am. Ma'am, you have known the right amount of persuasion and encouragement he needed while allowing him the space for finding himself and realising his own worth. This was a big learning for me as a Mother too and I finally started letting go and leaving Ruhaan to his own timelines of progress. We do feel Ruhaan has changed tremendously without losing his basic thread - which has come with its own share of challenges - becoming extremely naughty and very distracted. But we feel that the latter is a minor distraction in the larger picture.

A very big change in Ruhaan has been his ability to identify right from wrong as well as identify his friends based on his decisions rather than picking "popular" kids. Combination of these two has helped him find kids who he identifies with and who have helped bring about positive influences in Ruhaan. Motivation to read and write better, improve in Math, create new things and draw and color well, pick a sport, keenness on learning a musical instrument etc are all a result of his peer group. Till a year ago while Ruhaan enjoyed visiting other children's home, it was more to play with their "toys" rather than play with the child. He simply disliked interaction with anyone who wasn't a family member so its been a relief and a pleasure to watch him make his 'own' friends.

This year the KG kids learnt about the World We Live In - a UOI which got Ruhaan interested in the way the world is built, understanding different countries and the concepts of continents, countries and cities and local addresses as also taking an interest in the world map. He was very enthusiastic about cooking the Indonesian rice dish (a dish he chose from some of the options presented to him) and taking it to school. The pride in his preparation was so high that he was aware of how many kids ate his dish and how many didn't!!!

The UOI on transport was very close to his heart (as am sure it would have been for many boys!!). He would come home from school and almost everyday he would draw various transport types depicting his version of the same. Some 2 wheelers some 3 wheelers, cars with wings and cars that could float as well as cars on 3 wheel. Horse carriages were back!

The latest UOI on the place and time where we are at has been thoroughly enjoyed by us as a family. Some of these games Ruhaan was already playing with his Nani. Ever since the same were introduced to the children in school, Ruhaan has developed a further interest in these games. He regularly plays 'Name-Place-Animal-Thing', 'I-spy with my Eyes', 'Hide n Seek', etc with us and has been teaching some of these games to his little sister too, including how to skip and hop! The Noun game has made him want to learn names of multiple animals and places with various alphabets and he is also developing his spelling and phonetic abilities. He is now more open to similar word games introduced to him by us (for instance we name a word and with the last letter of such word he writes another word and we then name something with the last letter of the word written by him and so on). It's fun playing these games with him. Ever since he has picked up on his reading and improving with his spellings, he now also thoroughly enjoys playing other word games such as simple crosswords, finding words in a alphabet puzzle, completing mazes and other such puzzles. Over the course of the holidays he has written letters/ cards to various family members.

He seems to enjoy math and math oriented games too but I haven't felt he has been able to pick up the concepts and learn or develop problem solving strategies despite us introducing him to the same on many occasions. However he is fond of math and enjoys the subject in school perhaps owing to use of different manipulatives while solving simple sums. He has recently asked for us to make a box of various "loose parts" so that he can practice and improve on his maths.

Maam all in all it has been a good year for Ruhaan and us. Our child has been happy and content in school and only wants to improve and is highly motivated. We give credit for giving him such a "happy" environment entirely to you and thank you with all our heart for taking such good care of our child and handholding him to blossom. He continues to collect articles and create art to share with his teacher and his KG friends. He is sad school is over and that KG with Abha Maam is over too.

We are very proud of him and love watching him grow this way. We can only hope he again gets a teacher as loving, caring and gentle as you to take Ruhaan's journey to further heights.

With heartfelt gratitude

Deepika and Kunal Kaul

Letter to Capt. Bajaj, School Director  

Dear Capt Bajaj,

A very good morning!

I take this opportunity to write to you, the Pathways School Gurgaon management team and the Primary School teachers, a note of appreciation for creating an environment that is helping my child get all-round development in the foundation years of her schooling life. I also want to share with you something specific, something that amazes us and our friends n family when they see what all Jiya is learning and beginning to create as a result of this environment that PSG provides.

Over the last 8 to 10 months, Jiya has picked up a flair for creating her own stylized 'books' - literally designing, detailing and writing story books with her own imagination and from what she sees and learns at school. While both of us, Swati and I have always encouraged her to read, and often engage with her to share experiences and help her develop her own abilities to understand, comprehend and express - this interesting activity wherein she creates these stylized books from scratch just fills us up with pride, and lots of gratitude towards her teachers and PSG on the whole.

Would also like to call out the excellent guidance mentoring and tutoring that we have seen from both Sumridhi and Hetal - her teachers in Class 2S. We recently met them at the PTSM and were very happy with the quality of review and discussion, reflecting on the school's approach towards education for primary students.

Both Swati and I will be very happy & keen to come and meet with you and show you some of these books that Jiya has created and to personally thank you and the school for playing such an important part in her formative years.

Thank you

Best regards 

Puneet and Swati Narang

Letter to Mrs. Narang, School Director

Mrs. Narang,

My wife Lata and I are reminiscing a very eventful 'graduating' morning today - over a very warm lunch!

Firstly, gratitude to the children who served us all delectable lunch with so much grace, smile and homely warmth and yet with professional acumen. A very hearty and warm 'Thank You' to them.

Need one say that meticulous planning apart, which was so apparent, it was the personal thought at every step that made the entire 'Graduation Ceremony' so meaningful and heart warming.

I am sure, Madam, that your lucid explanation of the traditional auspicious followings, conducted with much sanctity, would be long remembered by all. I must also add that Dr Kiran Datar's sharing of her experiences would be a great learning not only for the children but all others present.

Sincere thanks to you and to your entire team for a very memorable 'Graduation' for our son Siddharth and his eight friends.

Warm regards

Maj Chaman

Letter to Mrs. Narang, School Director

Mrs. Narang,

We had a wonderful experience with Pathways and have seen Ansh evolve into a actively thinking and learning kid.

It is time for us to move on and continue to explore and see what live teaches us in the next chapter.

We will be relocating from India in June 2013, hence Ansh will not be able to continue at Pathways for next school year.

Being in India was a very important grounding experience for Ansh.

Pathways has constructively played a vital role in learning and development of Ansh and it brings joy to us as parents to see how nurtured and cared he has been in this beautiful sanctuary that you have created at pathways.

Warm Regards

Monika & Shekhar

Letter Of Appreciation

Dear  Ms Anuradha & Ms Preet,

Greetings ! 

This mail comes to you as a token of appreciation as I read last week's newsletter which mentioned about  your ALS department's workshop for PYP 5 students on  "Mindful communication" .

I had raised the discussion about similar issues  in my  mail and meeting with you concerning Abira.  I am really pleased to note that you are listening to us and proactively taking appropriate measures for our kids' wellbeing.

Many thanks for promoting such a cooperative, collaborative and reflective culture between parents and school. 

Just wanted to share my thoughts  with you. 

Thanks & Best Regards,

One on one meeting      

Dear Ms. Varsha,

Thank you for the detailed discussion you facilitated for my husband, Aadya and I in today’s one on one meeting. We identified and addressed issues, both obvious as well as deep rooted and the suggestions you gave are very useful.

While Aadya is a fiercely independent, responsible, dependable and affectionate child, self management and consequently, time management and prioritisation have taken a back seat. Your suggestions for her to prioritise self, learn to say no and also detach from others’ problems are spot on. With regular reminders and supportive conversations, Aadya will learn how to balance her kind and caring nature to benefit herself too.

With regards to your suggestion on how to consolidate her learning in sciences, I cannot agree more! Your novel strategy combines her strength and challenge - to teach/problem solve and to articulate with precision. We are confident she will enjoy revising in this way and improve.

Above all, both Dev and I are grateful for the gracious manner in which you brought up areas seeking attention or even deserving praise. Dev, who has met you very few times, specially  noticed your sensitivity throughout the conversation and was delighted that teachers like you, guide our child.

I cannot thank you enough for being there for our children. Both Aditi and Aadya will always treasure their association with you.

Your humility has always inspired me - a useful note from you said in today’s conversation … we all have decisions to make and may not always be correct. but to learn from them and use feedback to guide us can help us make better choices in the journey.

And truly ma’am, that what matters in life!

Thank you very much.

Kind regards

Parents' reflection/experience of the Personal Project Exhibition

Respected teachers,

Good evening to all!

Congratulations to the entire team for another outstanding milestone achieved! It was truly a great culminating experience for the entire MYP journey. The mentorship under Captain Bajaj, Ms. Dimpu Sharma and Mr. Rajeev Sharma was truly remarkable. The children have learnt a lot in the entire process and truly presented themselves as IB learners. The children have showed their personal learning through a lot of enthusiasm.

I must also take this opportunity to thank Ms. Varsha and Mr. Satrughana in particular for being a great mentor to Shaun for his project. 

We were indeed amazed by the level of enthusiasm and creativity shown by students in making a variety of products be it in their science exhibits, bookmaking or fitness related projects! The students chose real life examples be it from their personal life or otherwise showed their deep level of interest in the subject, being able to research for their chosen topic through a interdisciplinary lens. They organised, created and demonstrated a significant body of work! Some of the examples that I can remember were about renewable energy, technology, music, health and fitness, social awareness and several science related projects.

 The skills showcased by students were also impressive be it in innovation, time management, problem-solving, creativity, communication, perseverance and resilience!

We would personally like to thank Ms. Kavita Govil and Ms. Sonali Saxena and other mentors who were dedicated to making the Personal Project a success!

Congratulations once again!

Take care.


Feedback on one-on-one meeting

Dear Varsha ma'am,

 Thank you for an excellent one-on-one meeting today to discuss Ekagra's academic progress.

 We found the meeting excellent in many ways:

 a) Tone: You were so warm and disarmingly informal, which put us and Ekagra instantly at ease.

b) Personalization: You made a lot of effort to understand Ekagra's strengths (in maths, science, language and music) that were maybe not reflecting in his scores, and dived deeper with examples to understand precisely why.

c) Specific tips: You went from this analysis to shaping 3 or 4 specific tips for Ekagra which he really liked. You showed examples of best practices in some of the areas.

d) Motivation: The last thing Ekagra said as he left for his next class was "I'm going to try some of these tips in INS now". That a tribute to how motivating your approach was for him.

 Education is tough and tricky, but with the attention and care that teachers like you inject, it becomes effective and pleasurable for the student.

 Thank you once again! 

Warm regards


Highlighting Kayra's Impressive Achievements

Dear Urvashi Ma’am , Warm greetings for a wonderful week ahead . 

The purpose of my writing this email is to convey my heartfelt appreciation for the constructive impact and mentorship you have imparted upon Kayra with respect to shaping her mindset and conduct. 

The very first day after the session started, kayra came back quite unhappy that she wants her class to be the best and after the school is over everyone in the class should put the chairs back. She told me that while she had been doing it for a while now, no one is doing it on their own. She sat with me and we discussed ways with which she could achieve it and spread the word in the class and get everyone to do it together. She got Deetya and Inaayat to do this with her and was thrilled when you gave her a chance to share her thoughts in the class . 

I was moved when she expressed her passion for making her class the best class. It seems she truly took your call to action urging the class to unite towards this admirable goal quite seriously. To that end, I found it heartwarming that she not only aligned all chairs at the conclusion of each day but also motivated those around her to chip in - thereby enhancing classroom tidiness and encouraging collaborative participation among peers. Being a parent who cares deeply, I was touched by her unwavering commitment to making a constructive difference. I found myself admiring the virtues she has instilled through your mentorship. Witnessing her taking ownership of her deeds and persisting despite feeling isolated is truly encouraging. Your suggestion about fostering transparent communication during circle hour had an immense impact - it eventually galvanized some of her peers into joining forces with her crusade. I would like to express my appreciation for the nurturing learning atmosphere that you have fostered. Your efforts in promoting student initiative and responsibility towards their surroundings are commendable. By instilling values of community, accountability, and environmental awareness with such dedication, not only has my daughter benefited positively under your guidance but also her peers' outlooks have changed as well due to this ripple effect created by your influence. With heartfelt appreciation for the beautiful guidance that transforms seeds of thought into blossoms of action, my husband and I are truly grateful for your role in our daughter's journey.  

It is an absolute blessing to have Kayra under your tutelage.

Best regards, Sonia Chawla (a proud and happy parent )

Heartfelt Appreciation for Grade 4 Home Tutor

Dear Anuradha Ma’am,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for one of your remarkable teachers, Ms. Ashita Chander. As the parent of Saraah Mehta, who recently completed grade 5 at PSG, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the positive impact that Ms. Ashita (Saraah's Grade 4 Teacher) had on my daughter's educational journey.

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for one of your remarkable teachers, Ms. Ashita Chander. As the parent of Saraah Mehta, who recently completed grade 5 at PSG, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the positive impact that Ms. Ashita (Saraah's Grade 4 Teacher) had on my daughter's educational journey.

Throughout the school year, Ms. Ashita consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to nurturing her students' growth and fostering a love for learning. She went above and beyond the call of duty, inspiring Saraah and instilling in her a genuine passion for education.

From the very beginning, it was evident that her passion for teaching extended far beyond the curriculum. Her dedication to creating a supportive and stimulating learning environment left a lasting impression on my daughter. Every day, she eagerly looked forward to attending Ms. Ashita’s class, excited about the knowledge and experiences that awaited her. Ms. Ashita possesses a remarkable ability to connect with students, establishing a strong foundation of trust, respect, and support.

As my daughter prepares to transition to Heritage International School, I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Ms. Ashita Chander for laying a strong foundation of knowledge, values, and confidence in her. She played an instrumental role in shaping her love for learning and nurturing her personal growth. Ms. Ashita’s dedication, expertise, and genuine care for her students exemplify the qualities of an outstanding educator.

I firmly believe that recognizing exceptional educators like Ms. Ashita Chander is crucial to fostering a supportive and thriving educational community. Their impact extends far beyond the classroom, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of their students. I would be immensely grateful if you could convey my sincere appreciation to Ms. Ashita Chander for her exceptional work and dedication.

In closing, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to you, Ms. Anuradha Sawhney, for fostering a nurturing environment and for having exceptional teachers like Ms. Ashita Chander in your school. I am confident teachers like her will continue to nurture young minds and provide an environment where students can flourish academically and personally.

Thank you once again for your commitment to providing quality education and for nurturing a supportive and inclusive learning environment. 

We will miss Pathways.

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead.


Letter of Appreciation from Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur  

Dear Ms. Deepika and Ms. Neerja,

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your sincere and immense efforts in imparting knowledge to students in this virtual set-up. The last year and this year has been really tough on mankind, and I believe little kids felt this pain the most. They were not able to go to school, meet their friends, or go out anywhere. But you have ensured that they are not missed out on learning.

The various methods/strategies adopted by you ensured that students learn and understand the concepts fully. You not only taught concepts but made learning fun so that kids don’t get bored of learning on this virtual platform.

I also understand how difficult is to manage such little kids who are always on a ‘go’. Managing their expectations and making them understand concepts had been a challenge but you both have managed it beautifully.

A big applaud to the school for an excellent infrastructure that warrants learning continuum. Not even for a day, the network was lost or there was some glitch due to which kids had to miss out on the day.

Thank you once again to all the teachers, staff, and school for making it possible and that too so smoothly.

Warm wishes,

Sukhwinder Kaur

A Heartfelt Thank You as Akira Concludes Grade 4  

Dear Anuradha Ma’am,

On this pivotal day marking the end of Grade 4 for Akira, we are overflowing with gratitude. The transformative journey our daughter has embarked upon under your unswerving guidance is indeed worthy of acknowledgment.

Your educational environment has been a fertile ground, nurturing Akira's growth in a multi-dimensional way.

The school's ethos and your personal commitment have been instrumental in these areas:

1. Akira has thrived academically, showcasing diligence in mathematics, UOI, and English.

2. Her notable achievements, such as the high rank and medal in the Science Olympiad and the prestigious ACER Medal, underline the school's commitment to fostering academic excellence.

3. A love for literature has been kindled, with a nightly reading habit of 20-30 pages becoming an integral part of her routine.

4. The opportunities provided for drama activities, both within and outside the school, have broadened her theatrical horizon.

5. The emphasis on physical health has encouraged her dedication to Taekwondo, which she attends three times a week.

6. Her self-improvement drive, as evidenced in undertaking an advanced Japanese course, exemplifies the school's encouragement for individual growth.

7. The ZWAC participation bears testimony to the school's nurturing of a spirit of community service.

8. Her performance as 1st runner up in the Inter-section spelling bee, twice this year, reveals the school's focus on language skills.

9. Her role in the student council as a Diversity & Inclusion advocate has allowed her to harness her leadership potential.

10. She has triumphed over food aversions, introducing proteins like chicken soup, bacon, and prawns into her diet, which speaks to the comprehensive care and guidance received.

11. A significant health victory, her successful reduction of epilepsy medication by 50%, is a testament to her strength and the supportive environment provided.

12. Her social skills have blossomed, leading to an enriched circle of close friends and a deepened understanding of human relationships.

While all these areas of progress deserve recognition, one stands out: Art. The school’s stimulating and encouraging environment has ignited Akira's passion, not just for traditional drawing, but also for Origami. Her self-learning endeavors in these artistic expressions have brought forth imaginative, technically sound works of art that reflect her individuality. She thrives in this realm, and we could not be more proud.

As we bid farewell to Grade 4 and eagerly anticipate Akira's progression into Grade 5, we look forward to the continued growth, enrichment, and exploration that await her—especially in her blossoming artistic pursuits.

Your tireless efforts have played an indelible part in shaping Akira into the resilient, well-rounded, and creative individual she is today. Please accept our deepest thanks for your dedication and for leading such an inspiring institution.

Yours sincerely,

Gratitude for an Incredible Year!    

Dear Bela ma’am,

I hope this email finds you in the best of spirits. As the school year draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done as my Arhaan’s 5th-grade teacher.

Your ability to create a warm and inclusive classroom environment has allowed Arhaan and his friends to flourish and grow not just academically, but also emotionally and socially. You have encouraged their curiosity, fostered their love for learning, and instilled in them a sense of confidence that will undoubtedly serve as a strong foundation for their future endeavors.

Your teaching methods have been creative, engaging, and tailored to meet the diverse needs of every student in the class. It is evident that you genuinely care about each child's progress and well-being, going above and beyond to provide individualized support and guidance whenever necessary. Your patience and understanding have been invaluable in creating a safe space for learning and personal development.

I am also grateful for the open lines of communication you maintained throughout the year. Your timely updates and willingness to address any concerns or questions have been greatly appreciated. Your professionalism and approachability have made it easy for both students and parents to approach you, fostering a strong sense of collaboration and partnership.

As a parent, it has been a joy to witness Arhaan’s growth and accomplishments under your guidance. Your enthusiasm for education has undoubtedly ignited a spark within him, and I am confident that the lessons learned in your classroom will have a lasting impact on their future academic pursuits.

I am truly grateful for all the time, effort, and care you have dedicated to shaping the minds of our children. Your unwavering commitment to education and your students is a testament to your exceptional teaching abilities. You have made this year an unforgettable one for Arhaan, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Wishing you a well-deserved break and a summer filled with joy and relaxation. Thank you once again for your outstanding work and for being an incredible role model for him.

With heartfelt appreciation

Appreciation for guidance

Dear Ms Sinha,

I write this mail to express my appreciation for the way in which all of you have guided us through the process of subject selection. My daughter, Anaiya Giare, is in MYP 3 and at first, the task of making the right choice seemed like a daunting one but the guidance and support from all of you made it rather easy.

To begin with, the orientation conducted for parents was in-depth and gave a lot of clarity on the topic. It helped us understand how to navigate through the process. After the orientation, I made an appointment with the school counsellor Ms Naumita Chopra and it was an absolute pleasure meeting her. She provided a lot of insight on how to make an informed decision. I even went for a follow-up session with Ms Naumita and she helped me resolve my areas of ambiguity with great enthusiasm. She is indeed an asset to our school.

The orientation conducted for the students this week was very helpful as it gave them first hand information on how to choose what’s best for them. I am aware that Anaiya, along with her friends, approached you yesterday for assistance, so a special thank you for making the time to address their queries on a personal level. It really meant a lot to her as she got the answers she was looking for.

I thank you and all the other faculty members who explained their respective subjects/portfolios to us and the students, thereby making the process easy for all.

Warm regards

Appreciation for Personal Project

Hello Mam!

Good morning ! It was indeed a great experience for me to witness such an incredible pool of talent !The showcasing of ideas this time as I saw was done in Amphitheatre. It was definitely done on a wider platform and it IGNITED the minds of everyone present there.

The inauguration ceremony and the welcome speeches and songs added a new  flavour to the exhibition .

I was deeply touched by the wide variety of ideas that the students took a deep dive into! Some of the ideas I felt like inculcating in my own life too! Students passion, creativity and innovations based on their interests could easily be seen !Each student’s journey is unique and they challenged themselves by taking up a wide range of projects! The students have learned the importance of working hard throughout their journey to get the desired product!

There were some  projects that I got deeply interested in within the time frame given …Few of them that I was able to explore were…One was relating to Domestic Violence Act. One young man was trying to take steps to amend the Act to give protection to men under the law! Another was relating to Digital Marketing which is also becoming hugely popular…Another one that I wanted to explore was on a 5 day Scuba diving course  journey that a young girl undertook while on a trip to Maldives! Some of them were relating to health matters ! They emphasised that Mental health can be as important as Physical health! Also the musical journeys that some students undertook as a part of their personal project was truly admirable. Few other children who were spreading awareness through financial literacy was another great step! Another girl had recalled her childhood memories of Kashmir and written an amazing book on her thoughts! I would love to take out time to read her book! There were many other amazing projects !The best part was the students enjoyed the whole process and were explaining their exhibits with loads of enthusiasm to me! As they say ”The journey is as important as the destination!

I must also say that the exhibition was wonderfully planned! Kudos to the entire MYP

Faculty! Congratulations to the Leadership team ! 

Thanku n have a pleasant day!

Appreciation for Personal Project

Dear Ms. Sakshi Bedi

Thank you for the email below.

As always visiting the exhibition on 7th Feb was a memorable and remarkable experience. It feels good to share my thoughts with you about this eye opening event.  There were so many young scholars with such varied unique ideas presenting their 8 month long journey on a topic so close to their heart.  

It was heartening to see how well an amazing learning tool of the IB curriculum was implemented by the MYP 5 students in the form of - Personal Project Exhibition 2023. 

We felt nostalgic to see the MYP5 students evolve so exquisitely from the innocent PYP Exhibition days to the matured MYP5 Personal Project Exhibition. Both Exhibitions highlighting start of an important learning phase in lives of students, namely MYP and DP.

After understanding the diverse, manifold Personal Projects covering a wide range of areas and aspects present in the World today, I could see how thoughtfully the students had chosen the topics linking them to their passions or their chosen areas of interests and studies. This made the whole learning experience more relevant and meaningful.

Not to forget it felt great to hear many stories from both my daughters studying in MYP4, after they had seen the exhibition. They told me immersive ideas and emotions behind each and every Personal Project which was so stunning and wonderful. As intended the desire to start their Personal Project was deeply ignited through this Exhibition.

Before I end I would like to give a small feedback that it will be a good practice if MYP4 students are given a brief orientation on Personal Projects before the Personal Project Exhibition is held. This will help MYP4 to be more prepared when they witness so many motivating ideas. With the prior insight they would be able to ask the right questions from their seniors and will learn better.

Warm Regards

Letter of Appreciation

Respected Anuradha ma’am,

Hope you are doing well?

I wanted to congratulate you on a highly successful Founders day. I remember our conversation at the beginning of this session and you assured us that having lost all the time due to COVID, this year you have big things planned, including the founders. Let me start by saying that the entire production was beyond our expectations. We were blown away with each dance sequence that was choreographed to perfection, with each choir performance that was perfectly  in synch with the performers on stage. I understand the work that goes into a play of this level and that too with such young kids , I must say the weeks of preparations were so smoothly conducted and were extremely well organized. I think each character in the musical was so believable in their role , that it was an absolute pleasure watching them. On a personal note I am really thankful for giving Aaira the opportunity to perform the role of Martha and that is the true spirit of IB , to recognize and enhance each child’s skill at every step of their growing journey. Pathways has truly lived up to it and created the opportunity for growth through experience for her.

This year has been a great one for her as she has been a part of a music concert outside of school where she performed as a lead female vocalist in the song “Memories” and was on the piano for another song “Rude”. She has also qualified her vocals and piano level 1 exams with merit from London Trinity Music Academy and is preparing for level 2 now.

She also wrote and published her book called “Saving the polar bears” , that now is earning her royalty that she wants to save and eventually spend on a good cause.

Thank you for nurturing her into this brilliant young girl.


Thanking you

Warm regards

Kriti Devichand Madaan

Readers Theatre

Dear Vibhuti Ma’am and Aastha Ma’am,

We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful Readers Theatre programme that was organised in the class. Reynav, and us had the pleasure of participating last week, where we read the story of Van Gogh and Sunflowers, and it was truly a memorable experience.

We were so impressed by the creativity and engagement that the programme provides for the children. It was wonderful to see how excited the kids were to hear the story and how much they enjoyed the craft work that followed. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the storytelling with Reynav, and it was a great bonding experience for us.

We want you to know how much we appreciate the time and effort that you and Aastha ma’am put into organizing this programme. Your dedication to providing engaging and creative learning opportunities for the students is truly inspiring, and it makes a real difference in their lives.

Thank you again for all that you do. We are grateful for your kindness and support.

Warm regards

Letter of Appreciation

Dear Ms. Anuradha and Ms. Shivangi

I am delighted to inform you that Swayam and his team have emerged as the winners of the Champion Award ( Overseas Category) in the FLL Singapore 2023 competition. As a parent, I cannot express how proud and ecstatic we are of their remarkable achievement. 

I believe that this victory is a testament to the exceptional quality of education and learning environment provided by the school. The team has showcased their technical and problem solving skills, teamwork and creativity, all of which were developed and honed under the guidance of the school. Your continued efforts and support have been instrumental in bringing out the best in them.

I have attached a few images of Swayam's FLL journey.

Ms. Shivangi please highlight these images in the upcoming newsletter.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this email, and I look forward to celebrating this achievement with the school.

Thanks & Regards

M/o Swayam Goel (4R)

Heartiest Congratulations! - PYP Student Council Member

Dear Mrs. Anuradha,

Good evening,

Thank you for the message on the Veer’s selection as Sports Captain, Water house in the student council election.

We want to express our gratitude for all that you and the team at school has done to support Veer’s academic, cultural, and sporting potential. As parents, we are extremely proud of Veer’s recent achievements, and we wanted to take a moment to thank you for playing an important role in their journey.

We truly appreciate the dedication and commitment of all the teachers, staff and administration who have gone above and beyond to provide a supportive and nurturing learning environment for Veer.

We want to specially thank Ms. Sanchaita Sharma Veer’s HRT for her leadership and guidance in ensuring that our child's education is of the highest quality. She has been instrumental along with the other Co-teachers in making Veer a compassionate and balanced child.

From the moment we enrolled our child at Pathways School, we knew that we had made the right choice. The commitment to excellence and the focus on fostering a love for learning has been evident in every aspect of the school's programs and activities.

As we embark on the summer break, I want to wish you and your team a restful and rejuvenating time.

Thank you once again for a wonderful year, and for all that you and your team have done to make a positive impact on our child's life.


Best regards


Appreciation for Your Dedication and Impactful Teaching

Dear Prerna Ma'am,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the remarkable efforts you have put into teaching and guiding my daughter, Saraah Mehta, during her time in grade 5 at Pathways. As she is moving to another school, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the positive impact you have had on her educational journey.

Your unwavering dedication has played a vital role in shaping Saraah's academic achievements and personal growth, and for that, I am truly grateful.

As Saraah prepares to embark on a new chapter at her new school, I am confident that the solid foundation you have helped build will serve as a springboard for her continued success. Your guidance and support will be greatly missed. Keeping this in mind, in the Withdrawal Form, we were asked - "Staff members we really appreciate" and we have fondly mentioned your name there.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and may you continue to inspire and shape the lives of many more young minds.

With heartfelt gratitude

Gratitude note

I just thought of writing to you this note of thanks for all your help taking charge by yourself for assisting me in tracking Vidhi. Otherwise this would have lead to a bigger confusion.

Also my sincere thanks to entire PSG staff, including Captain Bajaj for handling this rain related chaos in a very  disciplined and efficient manner. I was there in school so I witnessed myself how concerned PSG staff was for each and every student to reach their respective destinations safely. A perfect example of Vidhi being at the safe hands of PSG staff. Truly appreciate.

Needless to mention, road related infrastructure definitely needs improvement. This can help mitigate things to some extent.

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